WWE NXT 26th of March 2024

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WWE NXT Results, March 26, 2024, report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Shawn Spears vs. Dijak
Dijak floors Spears with a shoulder block. Dijak clotheslines Spears over the top. Spears kicks Dijak’s legs out from under him as he attempts to get back into the ring. Dive by Spears. Spears sends Dijak back into the ring. Dijak surprises Spears with a tope. Spear clutches at his knee. Dijak and Spears trade strikes. Backbreaker by Dijak. Spears lands a nasty chop. Headbutt by Spears. Dijak goes up top for a moonsault. Spears cuts him off and hits a German suplex off the top. Spears dropkicks Dijak out of the ring. As Spear trash-talks Dijak against the barricade, Joe Gacy slides from under the ring, smiles, takes Spears’ chair, and slides back under the ring. As Dijak tries to get back in the ring, Spears blasts him with a hangman’s lung blower.
After the break, Dijak lands a Kane clothesline. Dijak unloads on Spears with a series of chops. Tossing suplex by Dijak. Dijak calls for High Justice. Spears turns it into a roll up. Dijak kicks out. Superkick by Spears. Dijak immediately lands a discus boot. Kick out by Spears. Spears elbows his way out of Feast Your Eyes. Spears goes for the C4. Dijak escapes. Spears lands a DDT. Dijak stuns Spears on the top rope. Dijak misses a springboard elbow drop. Spears looks for the chair he brought to the ring, but it’s gone. Dijak lands High Justice. Spears kicks out. Dijak tries a superkick. Spears blocks it. Dijak tries another superkick and almost decapitates Spears. Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes for the win.
Winner- Dijak
After the match, Joe Gacy appears again, standing on the commentary desk and swinging Spears’ chair around.

Earlier today, a bunch of talent that isn’t booked for Stand and Deliver were making their pitches to host the PLE.'

Thea Hail w/Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, and Riley Osborne vs. Jazmyn Nyx w/Jacy Jayne
Hail lands a crossbody. Nyx gets to her feet. Hail lands a series of strikes followed by an exploder suplex. Jayne distracts Hail, which allows Nyx to roll up Hail for a near fall. Running knee strike by Nyx. Nyx works over Hail. Jayne grabs Chase’s towel and throws it into the ring while Hail is in a submission hold. Osborne rolls into the ring and catches the towel.
The referee ejects Chase U from ringside. Jayne gets on the apron. An upset Hail screams that she thought Jayne was her friend. Jayne screams back that she was never her friend. Jayne slaps Hail. Hail falls into a roll up from Nyx. Hail kicks out and traps Nyx in a Kimura. Nyx taps out. After the tap out, Hail hyperextends Nyx’s arm.
Winner- Thea Hail
After the match, Jayne attacks Hail. Kiana James and Izzy Dame hit the ring and join the beatdown. Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan hit the ring and made the save.

Backstage, The Alpha Academy are getting ready for their match against Breakker and Corbin.

In-Ring Segment: Lola Vice
Vice issues an open challenge. Natalya answers. Vice tackles Natalya, and the referee rings the bell.

Lola Vice vs. Natalya
Vice and Natalya trade strikes. Vice tries to escape by rolling out of the ring. Natalya follows. The fight spills back into the ring. Vice lands a flurry of kicks that sends Natalya crumbling to the mat. After the break, Natalya tries to step into the Sharpshooter. Vice reverses it into a knee bar. Natalya manages to get to the ropes.
A series of reversals leads to Vice dropping Natalya with a spinning back fist. Natalya kicks out. Vice locks Natalya in a triangle. Natalya gets to the ropes. Carmen Petrovic runs down to ringside. Vice notices Pertovic and shimmies at her before landing a hip attack on Natalya. Natalya and Vice trade submission attempts. Vice misses a kick. Natalya rolls up Vice for the win.
Winner- Natalya

Stacks w/Adrianna Rizzo vs. NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov
Stack lands a flurry of offense. Dragunov lands a powerbomb and calls for the H-Bomb. Stacks kicks Dragunov away. Stacks takes down Dragunov and stomps on his hand. Dragunov screams in pain. Stacks focuses his assault on Dragunov’s injured hand. Dragunov fires up and lands a nasty rebound German suplex. Dragunov lands another powerbomb. Stacks slowly gets to his feet. Dragunov lands the Torpredo Moskau for the win.
Winner- Ilja Dragunov

In-Ring Segment: Ridge Holland
Holland says he’s here to say what everyone wants him to. He thanks everyone backstage. Holland says he has been a step off. He can’t run the risk of hurting himself or someone else again. He’s heard the whispers and all the comments around him. He’s tired. Holland is tired of taking his work home with him. He needs to focus on being the best dad he can be. Holland is stepping away. Holland thanks the crowd, puts the mic down in the ring, and walks away.

Dijak vs. Josh Briggs
Dijak is at the commentary desk for the match. Briggs eventually wins after a lariat.
Winner- Josh Briggs
After the match, Dijak gets on the apron. Oba Femi appears on the bird’s nest. Femi says he will defend against Briggs and Dijak in a triple-threat match.

The Meta-Four are messing around in the production truck. Noam Dar announces The Meta-Four will host NXT Stand and Deliver.

Tag Team Qualifier Match: Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin vs. The Alpha Academy (Tozawa and Otis) w/Maxxine Dupri (If The Alpha Academy wins, they will be added to the tag team title match at Stand and Deliver)
Breakker runs over Tozawa. Otis tags in and floors Breakker with a clothesline. Corbin tags in and eats a clothesline as well. Pop up rana by Tozawa. Corbin eats a missile dropkick from Tozawa. Otis press slams Tozawa over the top onto Corbin and Breakker. After the break, Corbin and Breakker are working over Tozawa. Tozawa manages to tag in Otis. Otis clears the ring. Otis suplexes Breakker and Corbin at the same time.
Otis World’s Strongest Slams Breakker. Corbin breaks up the pin. Tozawa catches Corbin with a shining wizard. Otis and Tozawa set up a doomsday device on Breakker. Breakker catches Tozawa in midair and hits a powerslam. Corbin and Breakker powerbomb Otis off the apron through the commentary desk. Corbin powerbomb Tozawa and throws him into a Spear from Breakker. Breakker pins Tozawa.
Winners- Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin
After the match, The LWO appears at ringside. Gallows and Anderson walk down the ramp. Axiom and Nathan Frazer run by Gallows and Anderson, and a big brawl breaks out.

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