TNA Impact 28th of March 2024

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Welcome to JJA Sport Studio’s coverage of TNA IMPACT on AXS TV! 

The show starts with a recap of last week before sending it to the ring for Knockouts action.

8-4-1 Match: Havok, Masha Slamovich, Jody Threat & Alisha Edwards vs. Rosemary, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna & Steph De Lander
Iceman introduces Ash By Elegance, but she has a head wrap and an ice pack on her lips. Iceman announces she is recovering from her lip filler. As a result, she will be replaced by the returning Steph De Lander.
SDL and Havok start with a face-off but SDL backs down and tags Rosemary. Alisha comes in and the opposing team takes turns picking her apart early on. Masha and Dani clash for a moment before Threat and Xia tag in. Masha and Jody argue over who will be legal before Xia nearly puts Masha away. The action breaks down until it comes down to Luna and Masha again. Luna catches Masha in a roll-up to win it for her team.

Rosemary vs. Xia Brookside vs. Dani Luna vs. Steph De Lander
Masha takes out Luna in a fit of rage. Rosemary and Xia then target Steph. Xia is bumped off the apron and onto Ash, who flips out about her lips possibly being ruined from the physicality. Ash suddenly gets up and throws Xia into the ring post. The ref then ejects Ash and Iceman. Rosemary rises up in the ring but its hit with Radio Silence by a returning Matt Cardona. SDL hits her with a TKO for the pinfall.
Winner and New #1 Contender: Steph De Lander

Outside, Maclin and The Rascalz argue and split before Maclin bumps into Sabin. They share words to set up the main event. In the locker room, Sabin and Shelley appear to disagree over their approach to handling business lately.

Backstage, ABC reflects on their recent rough times. Ace doesn’t think Bey should’ve been in the X-Division scramble last week because Ace wants to focus on the tag titles. Bey says they can chase multiple titles, but Ace wants them to stay focused. Bey says he’ll find Kazarian and settle their business.

GYV cuts a promo in the ring until Deaner interrupts. They spar until a handicap match starts.
GYV vs. Deaner
GYV takes control with frequent tags and double-teams. Deaner finally fights back against Gibson for a beat until a shot to the throat puts him down. Drake chokes Deaner on the apron while the ref is turned around. GYV hits Grit Your Teeth and Drake covers for the win.
Winners: GYV

Gia Miller speaks to Nic Nemeth backstage following up on The System’s threats last week. Alex Shelley interrupts and shares that he knows The System. Shelley wishes him luck, so Nemeth says he’ll defend the world title against him after Rebellion. Shelley says why wait and they shake on it.

Josh Alexander speaks
Alexander is excited to be in Philly and has been granted an open contract for a match tonight. He calls out Hammerstone to fight him tonight to settle the score. No one comes out and Josh says he’s scared. Suddenly, Tracy Williams comes out with a mic. Tracy calls himself one of the best in the world and he’s been waiting for his opportunity in TNA. He wants to fight.

Josh Alexander vs. Tracy Williams
They throw strikes and chops early on for an intense start before they crash to the floor. Back inside, Josh targets the left ankle. After the break, Josh kicks Tracy in the face a few times until Tracy throws strikes and dumps him with a suplex on his neck. Josh briefly applies the ankle lock, but Tracy rolls him through into the turnbuckle. Josh hits a backbreaker but Tracy continues to fight back. In the end, Josh pulls out the C4 Spike for the win.
Winner: Josh Alexander
The crowd gives them a standing O as they shake hands and raise each other’s arms. Hammerstone suddenly attacks from behind and launches Josh with a belly-to-belly. He takes Josh’s headgear and straps it on Tracy before applying the torture rack. Hammerstone stands tall to send a message.

Mustafa Ali reveals his PWI cover to Santino backstage. Ali then expresses that he doesn’t believe Jake Something is qualified for a title shot because he wants there to be limits. Rhino walks up behind Ali as he’s trash-talking. Rhino requests an Old School Rules match next week and Santino books it.

Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Bailey
Bailey and Edwards stay evenly matched with chops to start. They spill outside where Eddie continues to chop the chest until Speedball is thrown back in. Bailey comes back with a series of kicks followed by a running shooting star, cover. Bailey takes Eddie outside this time. Back in, Eddie counters the tornado kick and turns it into a backpack stunner, cover. They break out with a series of traded chops and strikes until Eddie runs him over with a lariat. Bailey backflips with the double knees on the chest. Bailey goes for Ultimo Weapon, but Eddie rolls away with an assist from Alisha. Eddie hits Boston Knee Party for the win.
Winner: Eddie Edwards

PCO calls out Kon for Monter’s Ball.

We see a vignette for “FBI next week.”

Kazarian cuts a promo backstage addressing EY and Full Metal Mayhem. Chris Bey walks up to officially challenge him.

We see a replay of how Rich Swann aligned with AJ Francis two weeks ago. They appear in the ring for a lengthy promo and dub themselves First Class.

Tom Hannifan sits down with Laredo Kid so that fans can get to know him better outside of the ring.

Next week – Xia vs. Ash, Nemeth vs. Shelley

Steve Maclin vs. Chris Sabin
Sabin targets the left arm to start. Maclin eventually breaks free and delivers chest chops before Sabin dropkicks him off the apron. Maclin takes control heading into the break and maintains a chin lock in between knee drops to the back. Maclin pulls out an Olympic Slam, cover. Maclin’s frustration grows as Sabin’s resilience continues.
Maclin goes for Caught in the Crosshairs, but Sabin evades. Sabin pulls him into the ropes but Maclin responds with a clothesline and Mayhem For All. They slug it out in the middle until Sabin is sent out. Maclin flies through the ropes but lands on the floor. Maclin finally hits Caught in the Crosshairs but Sabin does a bridging suplex. Maclin gets to his feet and pulls out KIA for the win.
Winner: Steve Maclin

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