WWE Raw 15th of April 2024

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WWE Raw results April 15, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for jjasportstudio.com

In-Ring Segment: Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley
Ripley is sullen as she walks to the ring with her arm in a sling. Raw General Manager Adam Pearce is in the ring. Ripley says after Liv Morgan’s attack last week, she’s being told she will be on the shelf for several months. The crowd boos. Ripley says she is being forced to relinquish the championship. The title means more to her than anything; that’s why this is so painful. Ripley lays the title down in the middle of the ring.
Ripley goes off on Morgan for being a coward and attacking her from behind. This is all because of Morgan’s little revenge tour. This is a warning to whoever wins her championship: she’s out for blood when she returns. When she sees Live Morgan, they will have to lock her up for what she will do to her. Liv Morgan’s music hits, and she walks out on the stage, surrounded by security. Morgan laughs as Ripley goes ballistic in the ring. Security holds Ripley back. Ripley drops one of the security guards with a headbutt.

Sheamus vs. Ivar
After a shoulder block exchange, Sheamus manages to take Ivar down. Sheamus sets up the ten beats of the Bohdern, but Ivar stuns Sheamus on the top rope. Ivar goes up top. Sheamus cuts Ivar off and hits an avalanche white noise. After the break, Sheamus lands the ten beats. Ivar lands a big boot, followed by a spin kick. Ivar goes up top and lands a splash. Sheamus kicks out. Ivar dives off the top into a knee from Sheamus. Sheamus lands another running knee. Ivar gets to his feet. Sheamus almost beheads Ivar with the Brogue Kick for the win.
Winner- Sheamus

In-Ring Segment: Triple H and Adam Pearce
There is a platform in the middle of the ring with what looks like new titles covered in a sheet. Triple H notes we are in a new era. Pearce notes that the tag champions should have titles that are fit for the new era. Pearce introduces the Raw Tag Team Champions, The Awesome Truth. The Miz and R-Truth join Pearce and Triple H in the ring. R-Truth does a split… just because. Triple H puts over Miz and Truth for making history. Triple H announces the Raw Tag Team Championships will now be known as the World Tag Team Champions.
Pearce and Triple H reveal the new tag titles, which are in the same design as the World Heavyweight Championship. Truth gets confused and thinks Triple H is doing a magic trick. Later, Truth says Triple H is actually Tomasso Ciampa. The Miz explains it to Truth in Montreal’s native tongue; for some reason, Truth understands. Triple H breaks down and asks if he can go. Triple H hands Miz and Triple H the titles and tells Pearce good luck. Pearce announces that there will be a triple threat match to determine Awesome Truth’s first challengers. That match is happening right now.

Number One Contender’s Match: #DIY vs. The New Day vs. The Creed Brothers
Gargano and Ciampa clear the ring. Ciampa and Gargano try dives on the Creeds but are caught. Kingston and Woods dive over the top and land on The Creeds, Gargano, and Ciampa. After the break, Julius suplexes everyone. Everyone lands a big move. Julius superplexes Kingston. Woods surprises Julius with a diving elbow off the top. While Woods is pinning Julius, Ciampa and Gargano land Meet in the Middle. Ciampa pins Woods.
Winners- #DIY

Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae vs. Maxxine Dupri and Ivy Nile
Nile works over Hartwell. Dupri tags in and lands a crossbody off the top. Fisherman’s Suplex by Dupri. LeRae tries to cheapshot, but Dupri turns around before LeRae can attack. Dupri begs LeRae to bring it. Hartwell clotheslines Dupri. LeRae tags in and beats down Dupri. The referee gets caught up with Dupri. Hartwell floors Dupri with a big boot and drags LeRae on top of Dupri. The referee counts to three.
Winners- Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae

Backstage, Damian Priest fires up Dominik and JD McDonagh for Dominik’s match against Andrade. Bálor asks Priest why he’s in a match against Jey Uso tonight. Bálor thinks they should be focusing on getting the tag team titles back. Priest commands Priest to focus on tonight, and at Backlash, Priest promises to teach Jey Uso the meaning of the word pain. Bálor agrees but looks less than convinced.

Andrade vs. Dominik Mysterio w/JD McDonagh
Andrade floors Dominik with a shoulder block and a few strikes. Three Amigos by Andrade. Dominik counters the suplexes and lands two of his own. Andrade counts Dominik’s last suplex and hits another to complete his trifecta. After a distraction from McDonagh, Dominik takes control. After the break, Andrade tries a split-legged moonsault. The fight spills out to the apron. Dominik lands a Canadian destroyer on the apron. Dominik rolls Andrade back into the ring. Andrade kicks out. Andrade counters the 619 with a feint spinning back elbow. McDonagh hops on the apron and eats an elbow from Andrade. Andrade lands The Message for the win.
Winner- Andrade
After the match, McDonagh attacks Andrade. Ricochet makes the save.

Kitana Chance and Kayden Carter vs. Piper Niven and Chelsea Green
Niven eventually lands a low crossbody on Carter. Green steals the pin.
Winners- Piper Niven and Chelsea Green

In-Ring Segment: Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes is greeted with an Ole chant from the crowd. Rhodes thanks Seth Rollins for having his back at WrestleMania. Rhodes says he saw The Rock’s social media post about making Rhodes bleed again. The crowd oohs as Rhodes says if The Rock makes him bleed, The Rock is going to bleed with him. Rhodes notes the confusion in the Bloodline and invites his friend Jey Uso to join him in the ring. Rhodes says Jey will be running Raw soon and offers to have his back tonight against Finn Bálor. Jey says he has to do it on his own.

Backstage, Nia Jax says the Women’s World Championship is hers.

Jey Uso vs. Finn Bálor
Bálor attacks Jey from behind before the match starts. The bell rings, and Bálor works over Jey. Priest is watching from the locker room. Bálor sends Jey careening out of the ring. After the break, Jey surprises Bálor with an enziguri. Bálor and Jey trade strikes. Samoan drop by Jey. Backstage, Priest says he’s going to take a better look. Back in the ring, Bálor rakes Jey’s eyes to take control. Slingblade by Bálor. Jey counters the Woo dropkick with a superkick. Bálor avoids the Uso Splash. Woo dropkick by Bálor. Bálor miss the double stomp. Jey lands a superkick, followed by the Uso Splash for the win.
Winner- Jey Uso
After the match, Priest hits the ring and holds up the World Championship. Bálor and McDonagh attack Jey from behind. Jey gets tossed out of the ring. Jey lands a superkick and escapes through the crowd.

In the Gorilla position, Bronson Reed interrupts Chad Gable as he prepares for his match. Reed tells Gable whoever wins the title match tonight will have to face him next.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn (c) vs. Chad Gable
After a brief exchange, Zayn sends Gable out of the ring. The next exchange ends the same way. Gable looks on as Zayn does a feint dive, springboarding back into the ring. After the break, Zayn tries to walk the ropes, but Gable trips him. Zayn’s leg gets hung up in the turnbuckle. Zayn falls to the floor. Gable lands a dive. Gable sends Zayn back into the ring and blasts him with a diving headbutt. Zayn kicks out. Gable works over Zayn’s injured leg.
Zayn catches Gable with a moonsault off the apron. After the break, Gable punishes Zayn with German suplex after German suplex. Zayn counters and lands a series of German suplexes of his own. Gable and Zayn trade German suplexes. Zayn and Gable trade standing switches until Zayn lands a nasty release German suplex. Gable lands a Koppo kick. Gable charges in and eats an exploder into the corner.
Zayn tries the Helluva Kick, but Gable turns it into an ankle lock. Zayn escapes and tries to put Gable in the Sharpshooter. Before Zayn can turn Gable over, Zayn’s leg gives out. Gable German suplexes Zayn into the top turnbuckle. After another series of reversals, Gable traps Zayn in the ankle lock again. Zayn turns it into a pin. Gable kicks out. Zayn lands the Helluva Kick for the win.
Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Sami Zayn!
After the match, Zayn helps a dejected Gable to his feet. Gable holds up Zayn’s hand and leaves the ring. Zayn rolls out of the ring and celebrates with his wife in the crowd. Gable appears out of nowhere, and German suplexes Zayn out on the floor. Zayn’s family screams while Gable assaults Zayn. Gable puts Zayn in another ankle lock using the top turnbuckle. Referees and officials break it up.

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