WWE NXT 16th of April 2024

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WWE NXT results, April 16, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

Dijak vs. Noam Dar w/Meta-Four
Dijak takes control early. Dar fires back with a flurry of strikes. After a spinning back fist/running elbow combo, Dar gets a near fall. Dijak floors Dar with a springboard clothesline. Dar counters a backbreaker by Dijak into a guillotine. Dijak escapes and knees Dar in the gut before tossing him over the top rope like a bag of trash.
After the break, Dar tries several submissions but can’t hold Dijak down. Dar sends Dijak out of the ring. Delayed dropkick against the ring steps by Dar. Dar sends Dijak back into the ring and lands a spinning back elbow for a near fall. Dar and Dijak trade strikes. Dijak turns Dar inside out with a discus boot. Mensah gets on the apron wearing a T-Bar mask. Dijak knocks Mensah off the apron. Dar lands the Nova Roller for the win.
Winner- Noam Dar

Lola Vice vs. Sol Ruca
Vice and Ruca trade submission attempts. Ruca takes Vice down, downs a front flip, and lands a basement superkick. Ruca does a series of flips to avoid Vice’s attacks. X-factor by Ruca. Vie lands a head kick. Vice gets to her feet. Vice blasts Ruca with a flurry of kicks followed by a running hip attack. Ruca kicks out. Vice works over Ruca. Ruca fires up. Ruca goes up top. A wild Blair Davenport appears and knocks Ruca off the top rope. Vice lands a spin kick for the win.
Winner- Lola Vice
After the match, Natalya appears on the ‘Tron and tells Vice they are going to have an NXT Underground match at NXT Spring Breakin’.

Ridge Holland vs. Joaquin Wilde
Holland offers Wilde a handshake. Wilde scoffs at it. Holland runs over Wilde. Widle sends Holland out of the ring. The fight continues outside the ring. Wilde ducks a clothesline from Holland, causing Holland to hit the ring post. Holland traps Wilde in the ropes and lands a flurry of strikes. Holland beats down Wilde.
Wilde tries to fire up, but Holland sends him flying with a pounce. Instead of covering Wilde, Holland picks Wilde up. Wilde counters Holland’ powerbomb with a DDT. Shawn Spears walks out on the stage to watch the match. Wilde fires up and matrixes to avoid a clothesline. Neckbreaker by Wilde. Holland rolls out of the ring. Wilde tries a dive. Holland catches Wilde and powerslams him out on the floor. Holland hits a cradle DDT for the win.
Winner- Ridge Holland
Holland stomps past Spears on the ramp.

Earlier today, Ivar and Josh Briggs argued over who will challenge Oba Femi next. Ivar told Briggs to heal up, and he could have the first shot after Ivar beat Femi. Briggs told Ivar to go back to Raw and get his a$$ beat by Sheamus. Ivar challenges Briggs to a match tonight. The winner challenges Femi for the North American Championship.

Backstage, Thea Hail apologizes to Andre Chase for treating him so poorly when he bet all of Chase U on the faith he had in her.

In-Ring Segment: The D’Angelo Family
Tony D’Angelo puts over each member of the family. D’Angelo says he faced the hardest challenge ever in Ilja Dragunov. Before D’Angelo can finish, The No Quarter Catch Crew interrupts. Charlie Dempsey says they don’t appreciate their business dealings with The D’Angelo being aired on live TV. D’Angelo says NQCC hired The D’Angelo Family to take care of one of their own (they are clearly talking about Drew Gulak).
The NQCC still hasn’t paid The D’Angelo Family. Dempsey refuses to pay. The NQCC thought The D’Angelo Family was doing it for the good of the wrestling business. D’Angelo hints at wanting the Heritage Cup. Dempsey says he won’t let a gangster in wrestling boots anywhere near that Cup. D’Angelo decks Dempsey. A huge brawl breaks out. The D’Angelo Family clears the ring.

Ilja Dragunov’s Open Challenge
Dragunov is waiting in the ring. The first person to meet him eye-to-eye gets to face him tonight. The locker room empties and everyone fights, trying to get to the ring. JeVon Evans appears in the crowd, leaps over the commentary desk, springboards in the ring, and stands eye-to-eye with Dragunov.

Ilja Dragunov vs. JeVon Evans
Evans and Dragunov trade elbows. Evans misses a kick, Dragunov waist locks Evans, and hits two German suplexes. Evans elbows his way out of the hold and miffs a kick. Dragunov lands another German suplex. Evans gets trapped in the corner. Dragunov lights Evans up with machine gun chops. Dragunov boots Evans in the face. Evans gets angry and superkicks Dragunov’s head off his shoulders. Dragunov gets to his feet. Evans lands a flurry of chops.
Dragunov fires back. Headbutt by Dragunov. Evans bounces off the rope and lands a spinning head kick for a two-count. Evans tries a springboard, but Dragunov turns it into a powerbomb. Dragunov lands a nasty lariat for a near fall. Evan reverses Constintine’s Special with a Standing Spanish fly. Dragunov kicks out. Evans goes up top.
Dragunov cuts Evans off. Evans tries a springboard by gets chopped out of the air. Running knee by Dragunov. Evans kicks out! Dragunov picks up Evans, but Evans reverses it into a DDT. Dragunov rolls out of the ring. Evans flattens Dragunov with a Superman dive. Dragunov surprises Evans with a running DVD into the turnbuckle. Dragunov hits the Torpedo Muskau for the win.
Winner- Ilja Dragunov

Thea Hail w/Duke Hudson, Andre Chase, and Riley Osborn vs. Tatum Paxley
Paxley sends Hail into the corner and lands a modified crossbody block to Hail’s back. Paxley locks Hail in an inverted surfboard stretch with a choke. Hail fights her way out of it. Arm breaker by Hail Hail lands a series of strikes. Jazmyn Nix appears and distracts the referee. Jacy Jayne trips Hail as she attempts a springboard. Paxley pins Hail.
Winner- Tatum Paxley
After the match, Hail attacks Jayne. Referees try to break up the fight. Lyra Valkyria hops the barricade and attacks Paxley.

The Authors of Pain w/The Final Testament vs. Edris Enofé and Malik Blade w/Brinley Reece
Enofé and Blade make a solid effort but are quickly taken out after the Super Collider.
Winners- The Authors of Pain
After the match, NXT Tag Team Champions Nathan Frazer and Axion rush the ring but are held back by referees.

During a shopping trip, Arianna Grace tries to get Gigi Dolan to try on a fancy dress. Dolan says she will try it if she can “GiGi” it up. Grace agrees. Dolan emerges from the fitting room wearing the green dress, but she has cut it up to make it more Punk Rock. Grace is mortified. Dolan tells the shopkeepers she is going to wear it out, and Grace is paying.

Ivar vs. Josh Briggs
Briggs is wrestling with broken ribs. Ivar gets the win after the Doomsault.
Winner- Ivar

Steel Cage Match: Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams
Williams catches Hayes and lands two body slams. Hayes escapes a third. After a strike exchange, Williams lands the third body slam for a near fall. Haye trips Williams into the cage. Springboard clothesline by Hayes. One of Hayes’ security guards hands Hayes a billy club. Hayes works Williams over with the club. After the break, Hayes continues his assault. Hayes crashes into the cage after William sidesteps. Hayes tries to climb the cage. Williams cuts home off and hits a Book End off the top rope. Williams tosses Hayes into the cage repeatedly. Hayes kicks out of a neckbreaker by Williams. Hayes stuns William’s arm on the top rope.
Williams reverses Hayes’ dive into another Book End. Wiliams picks up Hayes, but Hayes reverses it into a DDT. Hayes and Williams each land big strikes. Hayes floors Williams with a running knee to the face. Williams cuts Hayes off as he climbs the cage once again. Hayes and Williams take turns slamming each other’s head into the cage. Hayes tries a bulldog off the top. Williams lands on his feet. Haye calls for his security guards. The security guards try to climb the cage. Williams fights them off. Hayes tries to hit Williams with a chair. Williams ducks and hits the Trick Knee into the chair! Williams pins Hayes!
Winner- Trick Williams
After the match, Williams climbs the cage. Dragunouv appears in the bird’s nest. Dragunov and Williams stare each other down.

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