TNA Rebellion 2024

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TNA Rebellion results are below:

TNA X Division Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Jake Something
Jake slams Ali and wipes his boots in jest. Jake dares Ali to chop him, but Ali asks for a handshake. Jake squeezes his hand and they hit the ropes, with Jake hitting some shoulder tackles and a big clothesline. Ali tries to go up top, but Jake kicks him and goes for a slam. Ali shoves him into the turnbuckles and kicks him in the head. Jake clotheslines Ali, but Ali chops Jake in the throat. Jake backdrops Ali to the floor, then Ali uses a cheap shot to play possum before hitting a sick float-through DDT on the floor.
They go back and forth in the ring, with Ali scoring a two count from a tornado DDT. Ali taunts Jake and hits a standing moonsault, but Jake powers up and starts Hulking up. Jake shakes off most off Ali’s offense and fires back by countering a swinging headscissors with a vicious powerbomb. Jake deadlifts Ali off of the mat and hits a backbreaker, only for Ali to kick out at two.
Jake sets up a powerbomb on the top turnbuckle, but Ali drops down and kicks Jake. Ali goes to the apron and hits a German suplex on the apron. Ali’s Secret Service runs down and one distracts the ref while the others drag Jake back in the ring. They hold Jake down and Ali hits a 450º splash… but Jake kicks out!
Jake hits a dive over the top rope to take out the Secret Service, then counters an Ali springboard with a vicious punch to the face. Jake slams Ali down with a swinging side slam, but Ali stays in it by getting his foot on the ropes. Jake goes for a powerbomb, but Ali rakes his eyes. Jake charges the corner, but Ali sidesteps him, then rolls him up and hooks the ropes to retain.
Winner – Mustafa Ali

Joe Hendry vs. Rich Swann (w/ AJ Francis)
Swann kicks Hendry and tries to keep him grounded after a step-up kick. The crowd chants “Dollar Tree” at Francis, then Swann chops Hendry in the corner. Hendry reverses before Swann rakes Hendry’s eyes. Hendry fights back with some clotheslines, then he runs and shoves Francis off of the apron. Hendry rushes right back and knocks Swann on the mat, then hits the ropes and Francis pulls the top rope down. Francis tries to get a chain and hit Hendry, but NFL legend Shawne Merriman stops Francis and jumps in the ring. Merriman and Francis argue, and the referee tries to get Francis out of the ring. Merriman turns and decks Swann with a clothesline behind the ref’s back, then Swann connects with a top rope splash for the win.
Winner – Rich Swann

Full Metal Mayhem: Frankie Kazarian vs. Eric Young
EY and Kaz fight at ringside and on the apron. A near table spot gets this back in the ring, but Kaz quickly goes for a ladder and launches it into EY’s face. EY comes back after hitting Kaz with cookie sheets and a trash can lid. EY gets a spiked 2×4 (aka Abyss’s “Janice”) and tries to crack Kaz with it. Kaz ducks and EY gets it stuck in the turnbuckle, then they try to shove each others’ faces into it. EY gets whipped into the opposite corner, and he does a floatover onto the apron. EY ends up getting speared into a table on the floor, then Kaz rolls him in and gets a two count.
EY and Kaz slug it out in the center of the ring, then they trade head shots with the cookie sheets. EY gets a two count off of a Death Valley Driver, then Kaz chokes EY with a chain on the turnbuckles. EY drops down and chokes Kaz with the chain before powerslamming him down. EY puts a trash can on Kaz’s head and punches it with the chain, then EY heads up top and hits an elbow drop onto the trash can… for two!
EY wedges a ladder on the bottom rope, then Kaz turns the tables and hits an Unprettier on the ladder for two. Kaz hits him with a trash can lid, then he brings a table into the ring. Kaz lays EY on the table and heads up top with a trash can. EY rushes over and crotches Kaz on the top turnbuckle. EY climbs up top with Kaz, who low blows EY and hits a Flux Capacitor through the table. Kaz rolls over onto a bloodied EY and makes the cover.
Winner – Frankie Kazarian

Steve Maclin comes to the ring and says he promised to make his presence felt tonight. He reveals that he is holding a new contract offer from TNA Wrestling. Maclin says they’ve been going back and forth, but his demands were all met… but one. Maclin says he wants a match on the spot, and won’t leave until his new demands are met. Santino Marella comes out and says Maclin is making a scene, but Maclin is very lucky. Santino says he signed a new star who is eager to fight, and books the match on the spot…
Mike Santana walks out to the delight of the crowd!

Mike Santana vs. Steve Maclin
Santana and Maclin slug it out before hitting the ropes, and Maclin cracks his opponent with a forearm shot. Santana fires right back with a DVD for two. Santana calls for a discus clothesline, but Maclin counters with a knee strike and a diving headbutt for two. Maclin gets a seated driver for two, then he clotheslines the back of Santana’s head before kneeing him in the face for yet another two count. Maclin goes for KIA, but there’s some back and forth reversals before Santana hit Spin The Block for the win.
Winner – Mike Santana

TNA World Tag Team Championship: Speedball Mountain vs. The System (c)
Eddie and Trent trade chops before Trent hits a suplex for a near fall. Eddie rolls outside, and Alisha distracts the ref so Myers can take a cheap shot. Eddie slams Trent’s knee on the ring steps and taunts the crowd before whipping Trent back into the ring. Myers tags in focuses on Trent’s knee for a good amount of time before Trent finally makes a comeback and gets the tag.
Bailey repeatedly kicks Myers in the chest and gets a two count. Bailey runs across the ring and kicks Edwards off of the apron before running with Myers up the turnbuckle. Trent runs over and superplexes Myers, then Bailey hits a Shooting Star Press for two. Bailey sets up for a big kick, but Eddie pulls him out of the ring. Eddie takes him down and taunts Trent, then they trade chops.
Eddie kicks him in the knee and hits a Tiger Driver for two, then goes into a single-leg Crab on the injured knee. Speedball tries to make the save but Myers puts him in a crossface. Bailey breaks it and takes Myers out on the floor, then he repeatedly kicks Eddie in the chest while Eddie still has Trent in the leglock. Speedball Mountain pull Eddie up and hit a spin kick / Dragon suplex combo for two. Trent sets up a Burminghammer but Eddie shoves him into the corner, then hits a Backpack Stunner, while Myers hits an elbow drop for two.
Eddie can’t believe Trent kicked out, then they go for the Roster Cut but Speedball Mountain reverses and whip them into each other. Trent hits the Burminghammer and Bailey hits a somersault knee strike, but Myers narrowly kicks out at two. Myers and Bailey go to the floor and Bailey sends Myers into the ringpost. Bailey goes to charge him from the apron, and Myers smashes Bailey on the ground with a spear. Trent snaps Eddie’s fingers and goes for The Bitter End, but Myers and Eddie end up hitting the Roster Cut and Boston Knee Party for the win.
Winners – The System

Last Man Standing: Hammerstone vs. Josh Alexander
Alexander goes for a C4 early, but Hammer counters and stops the offense momentarily. Josh comes back with some kicks, but Hammer hits a suplex and runs right back as his opponent. Alexander goes for a suplex, then he floats over the ropes and slams Hammer off of the ring apron. Alexander heads up top, but Hammer press slams him onto the ring apron.
Hammer slams Alexander off of the ring barricade, then hits a stalling suplex on the floor. Hammer slams Alexander’s head on the apron, but Alexander takes Hammer out with a half-and-half suplex into the apron. Hammer struggles to his feet at 8, and Alexander drives his elbow into Hammer’s leg. He wraps Hammer’s leg around the ring post and slams it a few times, then drops down into a Figure Four around the post.
Hammer gets back on offense and repeatedly pummels Alexander with forearms in the back of the head. Alexander is bleeding from the ear as he forces himself to his feet at 9. Hammer knees him a few times and hits a fallaway slam, and the ref starts his count again. Hammer breaks the count and repeatedly clubs Alexander’s chest on the ring apron. Hammer pushes Alexander’s head against the ring post, then he charges and connects with a pump kick into the post.
Alexander somehow makes it to his feet at 8, but Hammer puts him in the Torture Rack. Hammer finally throws him on the mat and the ref counts again, with Alexander falling down at 6. Alexander gets back up at 8, but Hammer decks him with a pump kick. Hammer hesitates after Alexander starts laughing, then Alexander hooks him in an Ankle Lock before he repeatedly stomps Hammer’s knee. Alexander hoists Hammer on the turnbuckles and puts him in the Tree of Woe position, then charges from the opposite corner and hits a crossbody. Alexander goes for a C4 but Hammer blocks it, so Alexander steps back and crushes Hammer’s head with a kick.
Alexander gets a bag from under the ring, pouring thumbtacks in the corner in front of Hammer. Alexander props Hammer on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with him, setting up for a suplex. Hammer blocks it and they trade punches, with Alexander nearly losing his balance. Hammer headbutts Alexander’s bad ear, then hits a Nightmare Pendulum from the turnbuckles into the tacks. Alexander finally makes it to his feet at nine by rolling to the floor. Hammer gets pissed and pulls Alexander to the ramp and sets up a Nightmare Pendulum. Hammer drops him and goes to get the headgear, then punches Alexander in the face with it.
Hammer wraps it around his arm and goes for another Nightmare Pendulum, but Alexander blocks and hits another half-and-half on the ramp. Alexander hits a C4 Spike on the stage, and Hammer can’t answer the count.
Winner – Josh Alexander

Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Steph De Lander
Grace whips SDL outside and takes her out with a splash into the barricade. Grace goes for a suplex on the apron but SDL rakes her face and snaps Grace’s head on the top rope. SDL pummels Grace in the back of the head and sends her into the ropes. Grace cracks her with an elbow, but SDL knocks her right back on the mat. SDL showboats a bit and dares Grace to hit her. SDL hits Grace in the back and gets a two count.
SDL slams Grace onto the turnbuckles and kicks her in the ribs, then connects with a suplex for two. SDL tries to ground Grace in the corner, but Grace jumps up and applies a sleeperhold with leglock. The Good Hands jump on the apron to cause a distraction, and SDL tries to hit Grace with the title. The ref catches her, but he ends up taking an inadvertent elbow strike. SDL attacks Grace and tries to go for the pin, with Jason Hotch taking the ref’s shirt and declaring himself the official.
The lights go out as he counts, then they come back on to reveal PCO in the ring. PCO takes the Good Hands out of the match, then SDL tries to butter PCO up and flirt with him. She takes his coat off and rubs his head, but he grabs her arm and tries to chokeslam her. Big Kon runs in and stops PCO, then slams PCO onto the floor. Grace is stalking Kon and shoves him, and he piefaces her forcefully onto the mat. Grace hits him in the balls and smirks, then lifts him up in a fireman’s carry. The Good Hands run back in and attack Grace, and Kon threatens to snap her neck.
The lights go out again… and this time it’s Sami Callihan in the ring! Sami attacks everyone with a baseball bat and hits Cactus Driver ’97 before going after SDL. He whips SDL in the ring, and Grace hits a Juggernaut Driver to retain.
Winner – Jordynne Grace

TNA World Championship: Moose (c) vs. Nic Nemeth
Nemeth sweeps Moose’s legs and repeatedly punches him in the head. Nemeth applies a sleeperhold but Moose powers to his feet and hiptosses him forward. Moose ends up on the floor and Nemeth charges him, but stops as Moose catches up to what’s going on. Moose slams Nemeth on the floor and taunts his family (Ryan Nemeth and their dad). Moose continues to slow down the pace, but makes a mistake when he rushes at Nemeth. Moose gets backdropped onto the ramp, then Nemeth goes for a Famouser. Moose ducks and rolls through, then Nemeth connects with a swinging DDT for two.
Nemeth tries to tune it up for a superkick, but Alisha Edwards grabs his foot. The referee throws the System out of the match, and Moose looks furious. He argues as the fans sing goodbye to the trio. Nemeth leaps up and connects with a superkick for two, then he goes for a sleeperhold and gets Moose to one knee. Moose rolls through but Nemeth keeps the hold applied, so Moose makes it to his feet and slams Nemeth in the corner. Nemeth readjusts his grip, and Moose slams him backfirst into the corner. Moose can’t break free, so he climbs the turnbuckles with Nemeth on his back and slams him back first, finally breaking the hold.
Moose adjusts the ring steps and drags Nemeth over to them. He lifts Nemeth for a powerbomb, but Nemeth pulls himself to the ramp and kicks Moose in the face. Nemeth leaps off of the ramp and drops Moose with a Famouser. Nemeth drops several rapid elbows on Moose’s chest, reaching nine before Moose rolls outside. Nemeth follows and hits a tenth elbow on the floor, then he hits a top rope elbow for another near fall. Moose blocks kick and sends Nemeth into the corner, then follows with Sky High for two.
Moose pulls Nemeth onto the ramp and goes for a powerbomb, but Nemeth initially blocks it. Moose picks him back up and slams him on the ramp, momentarily knocking out the broadcast feed. Nemeth crawls back to the ring and barely beats the ref’s ten count to get back in the ring. Moose charges the corner and misses an elbow, but fires back off of the ropes. Nemeth counters and kicks him before hitting a Famouser for two. Moose and Nemeth slug it out in the middle of the ring, then Nemeth catches Moose with a superkick. Moose rebounds with a pump kick, but Nemeth surprises him with another Famouser.
Both men are slow to their feet, but Nemeth charges and gets snapped on the ropes. Nemeth fires back with a superkick and a spear for two, then he tunes up the band and goes for a superkick. Moose falls to his knee, then Nemeth backs off and goes for another superkick. Moose ducks and hits a spear to retain.
Winner – Moose
A “Lights Out” video plays before the lights go out again, and a familiar laugh plays in the arena. ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy is seen standing behind Moose in the ring, and he hits a Twist Of Fate before posing with the title as the show goes off of the air.

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