WWE NXT Spring Breakin' 30th of April 2024

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WWE NXT Spring Breakin results, April 30, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

In-Ring Segment: New NXT Champion Trick Williams
A “You deserve it” chant breaks out. Williams says there are a lot of people he has to thank for getting to this moment, but one person he wants to specifically call out is Ilja Dragunov. Williams thanks Dragunov for everything he did for him. As for NXT, we are entering a new era. Williams quips he’s going to call it the “Whoop Dat Era.” Lash Legend walks down to the ring. Legend puts Williams over and congratulates him on his title win. Legend asks Williams to open the ropes for her. Williams obliges. Legend continues putting Williams over.
Williams reminds Legend that the last time they were in the ring, she tried to slap him in the fast. Now that he has a little gold around his waist, she wants a little taste. Legend scoffs. Williams and Legend flirt back and forth. Legend says Williams’ head is in the clouds, and he isn’t focused. Legend is holding an envelope. Williams asks what’s in the envelope. Legend doesn’t answer, but she tells Williams to enjoy his title while he can because it’s about to get hot. Legend walks off.

North American Championship Match: Oba Femi (c) vs. Ivar
Ivar and Femi tear into each other, trading strikes. Ivar clotheslines Femi over the top. Femi gets to his feet, but before he can react, Ivar lands a diving senton off the apron. Back in the ring, Ivar lands a powerslam for a near fall. As Femi is draped in the corner. Ivar charges in. Femi counters with a huge sit down (corner uranage). Femi send Ivar into the corner. Ivar goes up and over and lands on his back. The fight spills outside the ring.
Ivar sends Femi into the barricade. Ivar lands a low crossbody that sends Femi crashing through the barricade. After the break, Femi runs into a spin kick from Ivar. Femi kicks out. Ivar goes up for the Doomsault. Femi picks Ivar up off the top rope in a torture rack. Femi drops Ivar with a Samoan drop. Ivar kicks out. Ivar lands two spin kicks, the second of which floors Femi. Doomsault by Ivar. Femi gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Seated senton by Ivar. Ivar goes up top. Femi rips Ivar off the top rope and lands an electric chair drop. Popup Powerbomb by Femi! Femi pins Ivar.
Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion, Oba Femi!
As Oba Femi is celebrating, Wes Lee’s music hits. Lee enters through the crowd. Lee gets in the ring and has a staredown with Femi.

Backstage, Thea Hail begs Fallon Henley to come to the ring with her for her match tonight. Henley begrudgingly agrees.

Thea Hail w/Chase U and Fallon Henley vs. Jacy Jayne w/Jazmyn Nyx
Hail chases Jayne around the ring. Hail lands a dive and sends Jayne back into the ring. Jayne avoids Hail as she sails off the top for a crossbody. Senton by Jayne. After the break, Jayne works over Hail. Hail and Jayne trade strikes. Hail gets the advantage after a few hammer strikes. Running blockbuster by Hail.
Jayne walks right into a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Hail lands an elbow in the corner. Jayne rolls up Hail for a near fall. Hail is sent flying out of the ring. Nyx tries a sneak attack, Henley pushes Hail out of the way and eats an overhead kick from Nyx. Hail rolls back in. Jayne misses a strike and gets trapped in the Kimura. Jayne taps out!
Winner- Thea Hail
After the match, Henley decks Hail! As Andre Chase and co check on Hail, Henley walks away.

Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe vs. Gallows and Anderson
Igwe an Anderson lock up. Igwe tosses Anderson clear across the ring. Igwe and Dupont double team Anderson. Anderson manages to tag in Gallows, who lays in some stiff rights. Igwe turns it around and lands a few strikes of his own. Gallows goes low and kicks Igwe in the knee. Gallows works over Igwe. Igwe manages to tag in Dupont. Dupont clears the ring. Anderson goes low on Igwe. Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer for the win.
Winners- Gallows and Anderson

In-Ring Segment: NXT GM Ava
Ava announces there will be a ladder match at NXT Battleground to crown the first NXT Women’s North American champion. There will be a combine to determine the field who will be eligible to compete for a spot in the match. Jaida Parker interrupts and says she’s going to destroy everyone and win the ladder match. Sol Ruca walks to the ring and says she’s going to win. Arriane Grace enters through the crowd and says a ladder match is too barbaric. Grace tries to convince Ava not to go through with this. Michin appears and throws her hat in the ring. Grace mouths off to Michin. Michin decks Grace. The women’s locker room clears, and a huge brawl breaks out.

Backstage, The Street Profits give Axiom and Nathan Frazer a pep talk for their match against the AoP tonight.

Backstage, Shayna Baszler holds the heavy bag for Lola Vice. Baszler tells Vice they should get some groundwork in since Natalya knows a ton of submissions. Vice says there is no need since she has the fastest hands in NXT. Baszler shakes her head.

Ridge Holland vs. Shawn Spears
Spears makes Holland Chase him around the ring. Spear retreats outside the ring. After the break, Spears is working over Holland. Holland fires up and lands a flurry of strikes. Corner DVD by Holland. Holland lands the redeemer DDT for the win.
Winner- Ridge Holland

Backstage, Roxanne Perez yells at Ava about not getting drafted. Ava tries to tell Perez she wasn’t drafted because she’s a current champion. Perez will have none of it. Perez claims that Ava sabotaged her. Ava says she wanted to speak with Perez. Perez storms off. Ava opens her door and tells someone they will have to talk to her later.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Nathan Frazer and Axiom (c) vs. The Authors of Pain w/The Final Testament
Before the bell rings, Axiom and Frazer attack Akam and Rezar. Axiom and Frazer land several dives. The bell rings, and Rezar and Akam take control, tossing Frazer all over the ring. After the break, Axiom and Frazer fire up. Kross and Scarlett try to get involved, but the referee ejects them from ringside. In the confusion, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne hop the barricade and land double-head kicks on Akam. Frazer rolls up Akam for the win.
Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Nathan Frazer and Axiom!

Backstage, Thea Hail rages about Fallon Henley betraying her. Ridge Holland walks in, and Andre Chase asks him how he’s doing. Holland and Chase chit-chat before Holland walks away.

The Meta-Four invites Trick Williams to Super Nova Sessions if he wants to know what’s in the envelope.
In the parking lot, Kelani Jordan asks Henley why she attacks Hail. Henley says she has to focus on herself now.

Backstage, Malik Blade is happy to see Edris Enofé. Blade thought Enofé was done for, since he broke a mirror last week. Brinley Reese says she has a way to cheer them up. She brought kittens… all of which are black. Enofé is terrified.

NXT Underground Match: Natalya w/Carmen Petrovic vs. Lola Vice w/Shayna Baszler
As soon as the match starts, Vice tries a few strikes. Natalya blocks it and spears Vice out of the ring onto the people surrounding the ring. Natalya sends Vice back into the ring. Vice lands a gut shot. Natalya rolls Vice over and tries to work an armbar. Natalya lays in a few strikes. Kneebar by Natalya. Vice escapes and lands and boots Natalya in the face. Vice lands a few kicks. Running hip check by Vice. Natalya falls out of the ring.
After the break, Vice and Natalya are fighting outside the ring. Natalya suplexes Vice out on the floor. Natalya lands another. Vice sweeps Natalya’s legs as she is standing on the table. Natalya double-legs Vice and lands a few punches. Vice kicks Natalya into the ring post, spine first. Vice works over Natalya’s midsection. Natalya tries to fight back, but she gets rolled into a triangle. Natalya fights out of it but gets locked in a guillotine. Vice cranks in the hold. Natalya dives out of the ring, landing on Vice to break it. Natalya slams Vice’s leg into the ring post.
Vice screams as Natalya traps her in a figure four using the ring post. Baszler gets close to the action. Petrovic attacks Baszler from behind. Natalya tries to lock in the Sharpshooter. Baszler breaks it up. Natalya sends Baszler flying out of the ring. Sharpshooter by Natalya. Vice tries to scramble, but she can’t escape. Outside the ring, Baszler puts Petrovic in the Kirifuda Clutch. Natalya breaks the hold and saves Petrovic. As soon as Natalya gets back in the ring, Vice lands a spinning back fist. Vice mounts Natalya and ground and pounds her. The referee stops the match.
Winner- Lola Vice

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