WWE Raw 22nd of April 2024

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WWE Raw results, April 22, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com

The show kicks off with Michael Cole and Pat McAfee in the ring. Cole announces that Rhea Ripley is vacating the Women’s World Championships due to injury. There will be a battle royal tonight to crown a new champion. McAfee adds that it is one of two championship matches tonight.

In-Ring Segment: “Main Event” Jey Uso
Before Jey can get into it, Damian Priest’s music hits. Priest walks to the ring and tells Jey to chill out. Priest claims he isn’t out here for what Jey thinks he is. Jey bows up. Priest puts Jey over as someone he legitimately respects. Priest recounts a time when Jey told him they were next. Jey nods. Priest says well, Jey was half right; Priest was next. Jey says Priest almost had him. Priest tells Jey he is just the first in a long line of people who will fall at his feet. Priest says Jey can lead all these people in rising for The Judgement Day. As Priest walks away, Jey tells him to come back.
Jey says Priest just sees him as a tag team guy. Jey says the only reason Priest is the leader of The Judgement Day is because Rhea Ripley is hurt. Priest’s expression changes. Jey tells Priest to tell Mami he says hi. Priest is nothing but Dominik Mysterio’s b*tch. They aren’t feeding Jey to Priest; Priest is being fed to Jey. Why? Because Jey is next. JD McDonagh tries to attack Jey from behind. Jey avoids it. Jey sets up a superkick that McDonagh ducks. Priest eats Jey’s kick. Jey rolls out of the ring. McDonagh apologizes profusely

World Tag Team Championship Match: Awesome Truth (c) vs. #DIY
Truth and Gargano kick off the match. Gargano and Truth trade takedowns and pin attempts. Truth does a popup split to avoid a sweep by Gargano. Miz gets the tag and double-teams Gargano with Truth. After the break, Ciampa lands the Fairytale Ending on Truth. Miz breaks up the pin. Gargano and Ciampa land Meet in the Middle on Truth. Miz pulls Gargano off of Truth to break up the pin. After a series of reversals, Miz and Truth hit their Complete Shot/Skull Crushing Finale combo for the win.
Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions, Awesome Truth!
After the match, Gargano shakes Truth and Miz’s hands. Ciampa rolls out of the ring and refuses to shake anyone’s hands.

In-Ring Segment: IMPERIUM
Gunther says he knows everyone is expecting him to dump on Sami Zayn, but he’s not going to do that. Gunther is moving forward and has his eyes set on becoming the King of the Ring. When he claims that crown, he will focus on the Intercontinental Championship or the World Championship. The New Day interrupts. Woods reminds Gunther that he is the reigning King of the Ring, and that makes Gunther a usurper. Gunther tells Kaiser and Vinci to handle the Woods and Kingston.

IMPERIUM vs. The New Day
Gunther is at the commentary desk for this match. Kingston and Woods work over Vinci. Kaiser trips Kingston into the corner. Kaiser and Vinci double dropkick Kingston in the corner. After the break, Kingston manages to tag in Woods. Woods clears the ring. Tornado DDT by Woods. Vinci kicks out. Vinci turns Kingston inside out with a lariat. Kingston kicks out. IMPERIUM sets up their finish. Woods breaks it up. Woods and Kingston hit UpUpDownDown for the win.
Winners- The New Day
Outside the ring, Gunther tosses his chair at the barricade. Gunther glares at Kaiser and walks away. Kaiser helps Vinci up. Kaiser tosses Vinci into the barricade. PK by Kaiser. Kaiser launches Vinci into the ring post. Kaiser lays Vinci on the ring steps. Officials and referees run down to ringside to try to break this up. Kaiser is led up the ramp. Kaiser returns to ringside and dropkicks Vinci’s head into the ring steps. The crowd boos as Kaiser walks backstage. Gunther is waiting. Kaiser tells Gunther he told him he would get it done.

In-Ring Segment: Drew McIntyre
The crowd breaks out into a CM Punk chant before McIntyre can speak. McIntyre sits in the middle of the ring and complains about the fans chanting CM Punk’s name. McIntyre complains about losing the world title and losing out on getting a rematch at Backlash. Sheamus’ music hits. McIntyre looks annoyed. Sheamus walks to the ring and ask McIntyre why he’s complaining about everything. McIntyre gets up to his feet. Sheamus tells McIntyre that he needs to take responsibility for his part in this.
McIntyre thrwe it all away over a social media spat. Sheamus tells McIntyre that a one-armed CM Punk kicked his a$$. McIntyre says before Sheamus left it was banger after banger, now it looks like it’s burger after burger, after burger. Sheamus laughs and says he can lose the weight, but McIntyre can’t lose stupid. McIntyre and Sheamus argue about who is who’s friend. McIntyre says he’s going to sit at the desk and watch Sheamus’ back.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sheamus
Nakamura and Sheamus trade strikes. Nakamura floors Sheamus with ana axe kick. Sheamus responds with a shoulder block. Ten Beats of the Bohdren by Sheamus. Sheamus lands the knee cap. Sheamus hotdogs in front of McIntyre. Nakamura lands a head kick, followed by a diving knee to the back of Sheamus’ neck. McIntyre shakes his head in disgust. After the break, Nakamura works over Sheamus.
Sheamus surprises Nakamura with white noise off the second rope. Sheamus gets distracted by McIntyre. Nakamura lands a knee strike. McIntyre gets close to the ring. Sheamus counters the Kinshasa with a powerslam. After a series of counters, Sheamus gets another near fall after a bicycle knee. Nakamura escapes the Celtic Cross. Sheamus drops Nakamura with the Brogue Kick for the win!
Winner- Sheamus

In-Ring Segment: Chad Gable, Otis, Maxxine Dupri, and Tozawa
Gable says at least what he did to Sami Zayn last week was warranted. Bronson Reed had zero justification for attacking Zayn. Gable says Zayn paraded the IC title in front of him after he lost last week at Raw. It should have been Gable at WrestleMania. Gable wasted his time training a loser like Zayn. Gable’s been spending a lot of time training losers. The Alpha Academy is standing in the ring behind Gable. Gable runs down each member of the team, and tells Otis he is the biggest disappointment of them all. From here on out, they are all going to focus on him. Their only goal is helping Gable win HIS Intercontinental Championship, no matter what. Gable gets Otis to repeat that he will help no matter what. Gable drops the mic and walks away.
Ricochet and Andrade vs. JD McDonagh and Santos Escobar w/Dominik Mysterio
Andrade ducks a chop from McDonagh and lands one of his own. McDonagh immediately tags in Escobar. Andrade and Ricochet work over Escobar. After a distraction from McDonagh, Escobar takes over. McDonagh lands a nasty back elbow, but only gets a near fall. Ricochet tries to fire up, but Dominik grabs Ricochets foot. McDonagh knocks Andrade off the apron, while Escobar surprises Ricochet with a diving rana off the apron. After the break, Ricochet fights out of the corner and manages to tag in Andrade. Andrade clears the ring.
Ricochet tags back in and lands a diving crossbody. Escobar and Ricochet attempt crossbody blocks at the same time, leading to a nasty mid-air crash. Andrade tries the three amigos. McDonagh breaks it up. Ricochet dives off the top into a dropkick from Escobar. McDonagh and Escobar set up deul top rope moves. Andrade pushes McDonagh off the top. Escobar takes Ricochet off the top with a rana. Ricochet lands on McDonagh with a leg drop. Andrade hits The Message on McDonagh for the win.
Winners- Ricochet and Andrade
After the match, Damian Priest hops the barricade and lays out Ricochet and Andrade. Priest get in Dominik’s face and tells him he doesn’t need any of them.

Women’s World Championship Battle Royal
Half the field attacks Nia Jax, the other goes after Piper Niven. Jax and Niven easily toss the other women away. Niven and Jax brawl in the middle of the ring. Everyone else joins in. As Candice LeRae is trying to dump out Ivy Nile, Maxxine Dupri tosses LeRae over the rope.
Candice LeRae has been eliminated
Indi Hartwell attacks Dupri, dropping her with a big boot. Dupri reverses Hartwell’s whip and sends her flying over the top. Dupri stands tall.
Indi Hartwell has been eliminated
After the break, Kayden Cater and Kitana Chance lands slingshot cannonballs. Zoey Stark and Carter end up fighting on the apron. Shayna Baszler tosses Chance at Carter. Carter catches Chance. Stark superkicks Carter, knocking Chance and Carter to the floor.
Kitana Chance and Kayden Carter have been eliminated
Nile has Jax in a rope hanging armbar. Jax swing Nile into the ring post. Nile’s head slams into the post and she drops to the floor.
Ivy Nile has been eliminated
Durpi gets in Jax’s face. Jax pushes Dupri. Dupri lands a few kicks. Jax dumps Dupri over the top.
Maxxine Dupri has been eliminated
Lynch dropkicks Niven out of the ring.
Piper Niven has been eliminated
Niven drags Lynch out of the ring and tosses her into the steps. Lynch gets flattened against the steel ring steps with a cannonball from Niven. Niven clears the commentary desk and lays Lynch on it. Niven drags Jax out under the bottom rope. Jax chokeslams Niven on top of Lynch on the commentary desk (which doesn’t break). Jax Samoan drops Niven on the desk (and it still doesn’t break.
Natalya tosses Chelsea Green over the top, but the referees are all caught up with the carnage at the commentary desk. Green hops back on the apron and acts like it never happened. During the break. Jax powerbombed Lynch through the commentary desk. Green and Natalya brawl on the apron. Stark clotheslines Green off the apron.
Chelsea Green has been eliminated
Baszler boots Natalya off the apron.
Natalya has been eliminated
Jax tosses Baszler over the top.
Shayna Baszler has been eliminated
Jax and Morgan are left in the ring. Lynch drags herself back into the ring. The final three are Morgan, Jax, and Lynch. Morgan tries a codebreaker on Jax. Jax blocks it and holds Morgan in the air. Lynch neckbreakers Morgan, which drops Jax into the codebreaker. Jax flattens Morgan with a Samoan drop. Morgan and Lynch double team Jax. Jax blocks Lynch and Morgan’s double suplex. Jax suplexes Morgan and Lynch at the same time. Jax goes up top for a double Anhillator. Lynch and Morgan knocks Jax off the top. Jax falls off the apron after a leg drop from Lynch.
Nia Jax has been eliminated
Lynch and Morgan fight out to the apron. Lynch blocks Oblivion and hits a Manhandle Slam on the apron. Morgan bounces off the apron and hits the floor.
Liv Morgan has been eliminated
Winner and NEW Women’s World Champion, Becky Lynch!

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