WWE NXT Spring Breakin' 23rd of April 2024

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WWE NXT Spring Breakin’ results, April 23, 2024. Report by Jason Gordon for JJASportStudio.com.

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tatum Paxley
Paxley creeps towards Perez. Valkyria attacks Paxley from behind. Perez sits on the ropes and watches the carnage. Valkyria rolls up Paxley. Perez breaks up the pin. Paxley crawls around the ring. Valkyria pulls Perez out of the ring. Springboard crossbody by Valkyria. Paxley tries to fire back but Valkyria dropkicks her into the corner. Valkyria lands a northern lights suplex. Perez breaks up the pin again. Valkyria takes Perez over in a northern lights. Perez kicks out. Perez and Valkyria trade in attempts. Valkyria goes up top. Perez pushes Valkyria to the floor. Crossbody by Perez. Paxley rolls through into a pin. Perez kicks out.
Paxley launches Perez through the ropes into Valkyria. After the break, Valkyria powerbomb Perez and Paxley off the second rope. Everyone is down. Paxley, Perez, and Valkyria trade strikes. Valkyria nails Paxley with a fisherman’s buster. Perez breaks up the pin. Perez eventually gets Valkyria in the crossface. Paxley puts Perez in the crossface. Perez breaks her hold and rolls Paxley into a pin. Valkyria breaks it up. After a series of reversals, Valkyria blasts Perez with a spin kick to the face. Before Valkyria can try a pin, Paxley rolls her up with a sunset flip. Valkyria kicks out. Paxley lands a 450 splash. Paxley tries to pin Valkyria, but Perez rolls in the ring and traps Paxley in a rolling prawn hold for a three count.
Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Roxanne Perez!

Backstage, Fallon Henley and Jaida Parker get into a scuffle.

Six-Man Tag Match: The D’Angelo Family vs. The No Quarter Catch Crew
Before the bell rings, all six men brawl. Dempsey and D’Angelo are left in the ring. Dempsey lands a strike, D’Angelo tackles Dempsey. Suplex by D’Angelo. D’Angelo tells the NQCC corner, “That’s what happens when you don’t pay me my money!” Kemp and Dempsey double team D’Angelo. D’Angelo manages to tag in Stacks. Stacks lands a few strikes. Luca tags in and adds a few rights and lefts. Kemp surprises Luca with a suplex. NQCC takes turns working over Luca. D’Angelo and Stacks rush in, and a six-way breaks out again.
The D’Angelo Family stands tall in the ring. The fight spills outside. Kemp dives off the apron and flattens everyone with a senton. After the break, Dempsey is working over Stacks. Borne and Kemp land a dropkick/German suplex combo on Stacks. Dempsey is back in working over Stack’s knee. Single-leg crab by Dempsey. Stacks manages to break the hold. Stacks manages to tag in D’Angelo. D’Angelo clears the ring. D’Angelo sets up his finish, Kemp chop blocks him to break it up. Borne and Kemp hit their finish on D’Angelo. Stacks and Luca hit the Shatter Machine on Borne. Dempsey runs into a spinebuster from D’Angelo. D’Angelo pins Dempsey.
Winners- The D’Angelo Family
After the match, D’Angelo screams at Kemp and crew about paying him his money.

Jaida Parker w/OTM vs. Fallon Henley
Henley takes Parker down with a drop toe hold. Henley gets a near fall after a scissor roll up. Parker kicks out. Henley tries an up and over in the corner. Parker catches Henley and drops her on the top rope. Parker drapes Henley on the second rope. Running hip drop by Parker.
Parker works over Henley. Henley fires up and drops Parker with a headbutt. Henley lights Parker up with a flurry of elbow strikes. Modified sling blade by Henley. Parker kicks out. After a standing switch, Parker pushes Henley into the ropes. Henley bounces off into a tear-drop hip attack from Parker. Parker pins Henley.
Winner- Jaida Parker

NXT Underground Contract Signing
NXT GM Ava is in the ring. The ring is set up with high chairs, and the ropes and turnbuckles have been removed. Ava introduces Natalya and her second, Karmen Petrovic. Natalya signs the contract. Ava introduces Natalya’s opponent, Lola Vice. Vice signs the contract immediately. Natalya asks Vice who is going to be in her corner. Vice says just because she shakes her ass doesn’t mean she can’t Natalya.
Natalya says she is going to beat some respect into Vice. Natalya wants Vice to bring everything she has because Natalya is going to tap her ass out. Vice says she has the fastest hands in NXT and her training partner is going to make them even faster. Shayna Baszler’s music hits. The Queen of Spades saunters her way to the ring.
Baszler tells Natalya her chances have gone from slim to none. Baszler tells Natalya to just give up, especially if that’s her training partner. Petrovic bows up. Baszler pushes Petrovic. Petrovic floors Baszler with a spin kick. Everyone brawls. Natalya and Petrovic clear the ring.

Beach Brawl Match: Sol Ruca vs. Blair Davenport
The ring and ringside area is filled with different things you would find at the beach. Ruca walks down the ramp with a surfboard. Davenport charges in and gets bopped in the head with the board. Rica and Davenport trade shots. Davenport whips Ruca into a park bench. Ruca gets to her feet. Davenport launches Ruca into the ring post.
Ruca cartwheel into an x-factors Davenport into a ball pit. Ruca drops a surfboard on Davenport, and mock surfs. After the break, Ruca fires up and lands a front flip into a basement superkick. Standing moonsault by Ruca. Davenport kicks out. After a superkick exchange, Ruca lands a powerbomb. Davenport kicks out.
Ruca attempts the Soul Snatcher. Davenport counters with a German suplex. The fight spills out of the ring. Ruca tries a cartwheel DDT on the barricade, but Davenport pushes Ruca into the barricade. Davenport locks in a sleeper. Ruca leaps off the barricade through a picnic table. Davenport crawls into the ring. Ruca hits the Soul Snatcher for the win.
Winner- Sol Ruca

Baron Corbin vs. Lexis King
Corbin tosses King all over the ring. King surprises Corbin with a dropkick to the knee. King unloads on Corbin with strikes. Corbin gets to his feet. King works over Corbin’s knee. Dropkick by King. Corbin bounces off the ropes and almost decapitates King with a lariat. King tries to pin Corbin with his feet on the ropes. The referee catches him. Corbin hits a DVD. King kicks out. King distracts the referee and low blows Corbin. The referee didn’t see it. King lands the Coronation for the win.
Winner- Lexis King

NXT Championship Match: Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Trick Williams (If Williams loses, he has to leave NXT)
As soon as the bell rings, Williams tries the Trick Knee. Dragunov avoids it and lands a flurry of strikes. German suplex by Dragunov. Williams tries to fire back. Dragunov floors Williams with the Constantine Special. Powerbomb by Dragunov. After the break, Dragunov tries a sunset bomb, but they land in a heap. Dragunov stumbles to his feet and powerbomb Williams. Face wash by Dragunov. Williams is out in the corner. Dragunov goes coast-to-coast. Williams kicks out.
Dragunov tries a senton off the top. Williams gets his knees up. Powerbomb by Williams. Williams hits an H-Bomb on Dragunov. Torpedo Muskau by Williams! Dragunov kicks out. Dragunov sends Williams into the corner with a DVD. Williams rolls out of the ring. Dragunov tries to powerbomb Williams through the announce desk. Williams counters with a back body drop. Williams Rock Bottoms Dragunov off the barricade through the commentary desk. Dragunov lands two H-bombs Williams kicks out. Williams and Dragunov trade finishers. Both men retreat to a corner. Dragunov goes for the Torpedo while Williams tries the Trick Knee. Williams connects! Williams pins Dragunov!
Winner and NEW NXT Champion, Trick Williams!

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