The Rock returns on WWE SmackDown

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Yes, that is really a headline from 2023! Finally, The Rock has come back to WWE SmackDown tonight (September 15).

Kicking off tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown was a surprise appearance by Pat McAfee who came to the ring and was then interrupted by Austin Theory.
While Austin Theory may have thought he was going to run Pat McAfee away, he was in a for a big surprise as shockingly, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson came out next.

Exchanging in a hilarious interaction with Theory by which The Rock led the crowd in chanting “You are an a**hole” at him, loudly and for an extended period of time.
The Rock reminded Theory that he doesn’t know who Theory is, but he knows, as the people of Denver do, that he is an a**hole.

The Rock ended his verbal dressing down of Austin Theory by telling him, “in about three seconds The Rock is going to whoop your candy ass all over Denver.”
At that point, Theory attempted to smack Rock, which… didn’t go very well.
Instead, it would be The SmackDown that was layeth upon Theory as The Rock easily took him down and delivered a delightful People’s Elbow.

The Rock then instructed Pat McAfee to do the same and he delivered a similarly delightful People’s Elbow on Theory of his own much to the joy of a jubilant Michael Cole on commentary.
Later in a backstage segment, The Rock came face to face with John Cena, although nothing of consequence occurred between the pair.
Instead John Cena shook The Rock’s hand saying, “Welcome Home” and they had a jovial exchange.

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