AEW star ambushes ROH champion

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AEW star Nyla Rose popped up on dominant ROH Women’s Champion Athena on tonight’s edition of Ring of Honor.

And she wasn’t dropping by with a friendly hello!
In a pre-taped promo, Athena was seated on a ring apron while there were others in the ring wrestling behind her.
While Athena spoke about her continued goals as ‘your forever ROH champion,’ and her plans to strengthen the IWC she was met by a menace of the latter.
Notoriously hilarious on social media and vicious in the ring, Nyle Rose snuck up behind Athena and had her arm draped around her before the champ noticed.

Saying, ‘Surprise b***h!’ and attacking, Nyla wouldn’t just chop Athena down but also went after the minions who were training in the ring during the promo.
Former AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose has made several recent appearances in ROH including wins over VertVixen and Alejandra Lion.

For her part, Athena remains a fighting champion last having defended the ROH Women’s Championship successfully against her minion Billie Starkz at ROH Final Battle and since defeating opponents in proving ground matches on Honor Club.
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