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Iyo Sky emotionally reflects on WWE Women's Title win

Summer Slam
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New WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY has now opened up about her title win at SummerSlam 2023.

At the August 5 event, Bianca Belair defeated Charlotte Flair and now-former champion Asuka to win the WWE Women’s Title.
Belair didn’t get to leave the arena with the gold however, as IYO SKY then cashed in her Money in the Bank contract and pinned the EST for the gold.
SKY has now taken to Twitter to open up about the struggles she’s endured since moving to the US from Japan to join WWE.

Noting that her dream was to always become the best in the world, SKY wrote:
Wanting to become “the best in the world”, he threw away the “best in Japan” position he had at the time and flew to America.
I crossed the sea thinking that I was mentally and physically stronger than anyone else, but the wall in the world was so high that I was knocked down in an instant by such arrogance.
I tried to say (or rather, said) “I can’t do it anymore”, but each time I remembered the faces of everyone who cheered me on and managed to endure it.
I cling desperately and build up little by little, and in a foreign land, I finally reached number one in the world today.
“Being number one in the world” was my dream, but it is definitely thanks to everyone that I was able to make it come true.
Everyone in Japan, everyone in America, everyone in the world, thank you so much.
(Translated from Japanese)

SKY celebrated her title win with Bayley and Dakota Kai of Damage CTRL.
Sharing a backstage photo with the duo and her new title, SKY wrote:

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