Update on potential WWE talent cuts during post TKO merger layoffs

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The WWE merger with the UFC to form the TKO Group was finalised this past Tuesday (September 12), with the company taking part in major behind the scenes layoffs.

Many WWE employees have been let go today, including three major backstage names.
This has led to speculation about whether WWE talent will also be a part of today’s layoffs, and we now have our answer.

Per PWInsider, those within the company have said that there are no plans for talent cuts today, with today primarily being about cutting employees who would be considered redundant upon the merging of the UFC and WWE offices.
The belief among those spoken to is that the WWE roster, production team, on-air talents and those that work with talents, such as producers and coaches, would not be part of today’s layoffs.

Frank Riddick III, who had been WWE’s Chief Legal Officer, will be departing the company at the end of September as well, although it’s not known if he was laid off or if it was his choice.
We’ll keep you posted as more news comes to light on any departures from WWE.
We wish all the best to any WWE personnel who receive unfortunate news today.

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