Update on top AEW name's contract talks with Tony Khan

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AEW commentator Jim Ross has provided an update on contract talks with Tony Khan ahead of his current deal with the company expiring.

With JR previously revealing that his contract was set to expire at the end of September, there has been a lot of speculation about the veteran announcer’s role within AEW moving forward.
Speaking on his Grillin JR podcast, Jim Ross confirmed that he and Tony Khan had a discussion about his contract last week.

Believing that he and AEW will come to an agreement regarding a new deal, Jim Ross said:
“Tony Khan has answered a lot of my prayers and I hope to continue working for AEW for the foreseeable future as our goal. That’s Tony’s goal, that’s my goal.
“Tony and I had a nice chat about my contract last week at TV, so are things are well in that regard. I’m sure that between Barry Bloom, my agent, the legal department at AEW they’re going to get something worked out, that’s my belief.
“I’m being positive and optimistic, so this is the best scenario for me that I could imagine working for a young company where you go to work you feel invigorated, you feel excited, you’re around a lot of great young talent that wants to be stars and this groups of talents – they work their ass off.

Jim Ross has been part of AEW since the promotion was founded in 2019.
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