[video] Adam Copeland's immediate reaction to AEW debut

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Adam Copeland’s (Edge’s) backstage comments ahead of his AEW debut, and immediate reaction to his WrestleDream appearance have now been revealed.

The WWE Hall of Famer appeared in the closing moments of the October 1 pay-per-view to confront his former tag partner Christian Cage, and reveal that he had indeed joined AEW.
AEW has now shared a Control Center video recapping Copeland’s debut at WrestleDream.
The video featured Copeland talking about his wrestling future before he made his AEW appearance.

Backstage before the show, Copeland said:
“I feel like a little kid. I feel like I used to feel when I first wrestled. I don’t feel like a 31-year veteran right now.
“So it landed, and I had this kind of treatment idea of a video package to kind of play as the introduction before I come out, and called Darby because I’m like, he’s a Seattle guy and he’ll be able to find an old muscle car and all of these things.
“And then we just guerrilla shot this thing and it was, well you know, I’m holding you as we’re hanging out the back of an SUV with the back open filming this car and it’s just like, this is amazing… I’m in it and I’m doing it and helping see this vision that was in my head come to life instead of it just being done.

“That’s super exciting as a creative person, to have creative freedom to try and come up with things like that, and then to have the talent around help out with that process and not even bat an eye.
“Super cool, super fun, and then from there, got here tonight and it’s just been good to see some familiar faces. And a couple of faces I haven’t met before already, but there’s gonna be plenty more of those after the fact, and that’s, as a performer, you want to challenge yourself, at least I do.
“I’ve always been about the challenge and trying to find the thing that keeps the passion and keeps the flame inside you lit.

“I look at this roster and I’m just like, there’s so many first-ever matches. I’ve never faced Samoa Joe, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega. That’s really damn exciting. That’s the kind of thing that still gets your blood pumping and gives you the goosebumps.
“So that’s just super fun and I think most importantly I felt like by being in AEW, I can help more. Can help the industry as a whole more. And that’s important.”

The video also featured Copeland sharing his immediate reaction to his debut, with the Rated-R Superstar noting:
“That was so much fun man. I just mentioned to somebody, I felt free out there. I’ve always said when I come out I try and throw as much energy as I can at the audience, hoping that they throw it back, and then we’re in this thing together.
“And then that’s what it felt like tonight. Seattle was there throwing it back at me, and that’s the kind of night that you never forget. Yeah, just, man… free. And it felt so free.”

You can watch the full video below.
With Copeland set to make his AEW in-ring debut on the October 10 edition of Dynamite, WWE has now announced a number of major segments for the episode of NXT which will go up against this show, with the likes of John Cena and Cody Rhodes set to appear.

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