'I see through his BS' - Wardlow shares his thoughts on MJF's babyface turn

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AEW star Wardlow has shared his thoughts on his former on-screen ‘boss’ MJF’s face turn in recent months.

After sitting on the sidelines for almost four months, Wardlow recently returned to AEW TV on October 4, picking up quick, decisive wins on two consecutive weeks of AEW Dynamite.
In that almost four month spell Wardlow has had to witness MJF reach new heights of popularity with the AEW audience, with his Better Than You Bay-Bay team with Adam Cole solidifying a full-fledged face turn for the AEW World Champion.
Given Wardlow and MJF’s bitter history, it’s unsurprising to hear that the new leaf that Max has turned has not convinced the former three-time TNT Champion one bit.

Speaking to Jeff Adams of Sports Nightly, Wardlow shared his thoughts on the ‘new’ MJF:
“10(powerbombs) wasn’t enough. I don’t know if there’s a number that exist that will satisfy me, for the amount of powerbombs that MJF is due and deserves.
“I understand in the past four months, he has somehow convinced everybody in the world to cheer for him, and feel sad for him and sorry for him.
“It just amazes me how somebody can do horrible, evil things for years, and then they come out and say sorry and spew out some fake tears.
“Now all of a sudden everybody forgets about all the bad they have ever done and they want to embrace him.
“Well, I’m little more intelligent, I see right through his BS. And I’m not one of the people that have sat at home cheering on MJF for the past four months.”

Little is yet known of Wardlow’s intentions now that he’s back in an AEW ring and whether he will continue being a face or return to his heel roots.
Given that the MJF & Wardlow on-screen feud left many disappointed following their short match at Double or Nothing 2022, perhaps we will get a chance to see the pair run it back in the near future.

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