[video] AEW star takes superkick on actor Jason Segel

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If there’s one person I didn’t expect to make wrestling news today, it’s Marshall Eriksen himself, but here we are.

The How I Met Your Mother and Forgetting Sarah Marshall star was in attendance at a recent independent wrestling show, where he even became a part of the action.
In the video below per Hector Diaz, actor Jason Segel became a part of the action during a match between Sami Callihan and AEW star Penta El Zero Miedo.

Callihan cut a promo mentioning Segel’s appearance, noting that he had been watching Segel since he was a kid, before telling him to ‘f**k himself’.
During the match, Callihan sat Penta on Segel’s lap, before hitting him with a Superkick, knocking out both Penta and Segel.

Somehow still a more satisfying ending than the real finale of How I Met Your Mother.
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