Premier League footballer pays homage AEW star with goal celebration

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A Premier League footballer has mimicked an AEW star’s famous pose after scoring a last-minute goal in a recent match.

In a dramatic climax to Tottenham Hotspur’s clash with Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday, February 10, Spurs striker Brennan Johnson secured all three points for the home side with a 96th minute winner in front of his home fans.
While the 2-1 win was vital in Spurs’ Premier League ambitions, it was the celebration from Johnson which became a focus after the dust had settled.
Fans online debated the origins of the celebration, with some believing that Johnson had ripped off Brighton player Joao Pedro’s celebration from their February 3 match with Crystal Palace.

But for wrestling fans, it instead seemed eerily similar to the famous taunt of legendary tag team The Hardy Boys.
In an attempt to clarify the situation, Johnson spoke to Spurs’ TikTok page, and would actually confirm that the celebration was in dedication to AEW star Jeff Hardy.

After the game Johnson confirmed this, saying:
“And the celebration is actually, if anyone watches WWE, Jeff Hardy my favorite WWE superstar, so yeah that one’s for him.”

While Hardy is of course best known for his time in WWE, the legendary multi-time champion is plying his trade in AEW alongside his brother Matt Hardy.
In reaction to Johnson’s homage to the Extreme Enigma, Matt Hardy would do the same by tweeting a side by side image of the Welsh striker’s celebration alongside the Hardy Boys doing their signature pose.
You can view Matt’s post for yourself down below.

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