AEW star recalls backstage 'controversy' involving MJF & Cody Rhodes

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An AEW star has recalled a period of backstage controversy involving MJF and WWE star Cody Rhodes.

Despite now being a signature part of Cody Rhodes’ look, The American Nightmare made headlines at AEW Revolution 2020 when he revealed his famous neck tattoo to the world ahead of his match with MJF.
While this got a lot of people talking, according to AEW star Britt Baker, Cody’s former protege MJF felt that the reveal of the tattoo actually overshadowed the actual match between the two men on the night – a match that MJF would win after a lengthy personal rivalry.

Appearing on Mostly Sports, Baker was initially asked why Cody decided to get the tattoo, to which she then revealed the backstage controversy surrounding it:
“So, there was a lot of controversy around that internally at the time because…MJF, at the time, I don’t know if I can say this, I’m just going to say it because f*ck MJF.
He felt that Cody was trying to steal his thunder at the time because they were in a feud at the pay-per-view.
“Cody vs. MJF, MJF big coming out moment, and it was like his Harrah, and Cody shows up, bam, with a neck tattoo. MJF was like…”
Mostly Sports host Brandon Walker commented: “Stealing the spotlight a little?”
Baker: “Yup, that’s what MJF says. I’m sure he doesn’t care now because MJF is successful on his own, but at the time.”

MJF is currently off TV after losing his AEW World Championship to Samoa Joe at World’s End on December 30.
It’s not yet known when the Long-Island native will be returning to the ring, with AEW removing him from their roster on January 1, 2024.
Cody Rhodes on the other hand has a WrestleMania 40 main event to look forward to as he officially challenged Roman Reigns at Thursday’s big press event (February 8).

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