AEW star addresses big change to creative team

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Matt Hardy has commented on former senior WWE writer and producer Jennifer Pepperman joining AEW’s creative team.

As was previously reported, Pepperman started with AEW on February 21, and is expected to be working closely with Mercedes Mone/Sasha Banks following her debut.
Speaking on his Extreme Life on Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy noted that he worked with her during his previous WWE run following his 2017 return.

Believing that Pepperman joining AEW is a positive, he explained:
“I worked with her when I went back to WWE in 2017. I was there (from) 2017 through 2020, got along good with her, interacted with her some. I don’t know her extremely well, but I do know her.
“I think it’s very interesting. I think it’s a positive thing that Tony is bringing someone that has been in the WWE format and the WWE writing room and the WWE structuring room, to bring them and give insight on AEW. I think it’s a positive.”

Clarification has emerged on changes made to the AEW creative process following Pepperman’s addition, which you can read more about right here.
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