Will Ospreay comments on Dave Meltzer star rating

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AEW’s Will Ospreay has commented on Dave Meltzer’s star ratings, having been awarded the most five-star matches in history.

Ospreay is the wrestler to have been awarded the most five-star matches in the history of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, with him now having 37 matches rated five stars or higher, with 18 of those matches being above five stars.
During his appearance on Hey! EW, Ospreay spoke about Meltzer’s ratings, noting that it’s just one person’s opinion, once again bringing up Kurt Angle and his lack of ‘five-star’ matches.

He said:
“No, because when you talk about guys like Kurt Angle, and he hasn’t got one five-star match, and I’m nowhere near the level that Kurt Angle is. I do feel like I have my own unique blend, like stuff that Kurt Angle could never do, I can do, and stuff that I could never do, Kurt Angle can do. I think it’s just his opinion, and opinions are a lot like arseholes, everyone’s got one.”

Ospreay is set for a first time ever dream match with Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty next weekend.
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