Pat McAfee 'very confident' about his WWE future

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Pat McAfee has commented on his WWE future following his appearance on the September 15 edition of SmackDown.

During the opening segment of the show, McAfee made his return to address the Denver, Colorado crowd.
This led to Austin Theory confronting him before the Rock made his surprise WWE return, and teamed with McAfee to drop People’s Elbows on Theory.
There has been some speculation about McAfee’s future with WWE, with it unclear whether he will ever return to the commentary desk, following his previous stint calling the action for SmackDown.
Speaking with Kayla Braxton following his appearance, McAfee noted that he’s very confident that he will work as a commentator alongside Michael Cole again at some point in the future.

Discussing his return, McAfee said:
“It was an absolute honor, Kayla. I got the incredible opportunity to come to a SmackDown because the show I do every Saturday, College GameDay, is in Boulder, which is up the road.
“A 45-minute drive down here, hopped in a bus and showered in the bus to get here. As soon as I heard there was an opportunity to do something, I literally sprinted back and then to be in the same (ring) with The Rock…

Commenting on his relationship with Michael Cole, he said:
“I love it. He always has to be the buttoned-up guy, doing the play-by-play, which he is the greatest of all time, bar none.
“I understand there’s a conversation for some other people, but they haven’t been paying attention close enough. What Michael Cole has done throughout his career at the WWE is second to none.
“But now he’s got a little attitude, spice, and personality. He looks….the dude looks unbelievable. He looks amazing….
“I’m incredibly lucky that I got to work with Michael Cole, and I am still very confident that it will happen again.”

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