New AEW champion reacts to win at Worlds End

Worlds End
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New AEW Triple Crown Champion Eddie Kingston has reacted to his big win at AEW Worlds End, becoming inaugural title holder.

After winning the AEW Continental Classic to become the inaugural Triple Crown champion, Eddie Kingston spoke to cameras backstage.
In the last post-match promo of the tournament, Continental Classic winner Eddie Kingston said:

“Yeah, it gave me this weird thing that I didn’t know I had, which was confidence [laughs]. It really did.
“You know, I just go out there and I fight, man. Whether I win or lose, I just fight. I don’t think about nothing.
“But I never think I’m gonna lose. But it’s kinda like, if I lose, whatever, as long as I put on a good fight and I’m defiant to the end, you know?
“But after that “bum” sign from Bryan and embracing it, becoming King of the Bums and Prince of the Gutters, I just, I have so much confidence now that I don’t think it’s gonna take someone really special to take these three championships from me.”

Also discussing what it meant to
“I think the best part of this whole thing was, I was in there with Mox, the brother that I chose…When I say my brother, me and Mox are cut from the same cloth, so beating my brother Mox is just really like, “Who can beat me?” That’s how I feel right now.”

Eddie Kingston bested Jon Moxley in the AEW Continental Classic final to become the inaugural Triple Crown Champion.
Kingston maintains his previous ROH World Champion and NJPW STRONG Openweight, now adding the AEW Continental Championship to create the triple crown.

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