'Real possibility' retired AEW star wrestles against Bryan Danielson

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There is a “real possibility” that a currently retired AEW star returns to the ring to face Bryan Danielson in the future.

Regular viewers of AEW Collision will have no doubt picked up on commentator Nigel McGuinness’ frequent jabs at The American Dragon whilst sat at the commentary desk.
While McGuinness’ is the heel-leaning voice at the booth, his repeated targeting of Danielson has many wondering if the two former ROH World Champion’s could potentially lock up in the future; something that has been teased by McGuinness in the past.
Speaking with MailOnline, Danielson addressed the possibility of facing his old rival one more time, potentially even at All In: London from Wembley Stadium.

Danielson said:
“Maybe one day I can get a rematch with Nigel McGuiness at Wembley, I know Nigel was really big on it last year, but I, at the time, I wasn’t sure if he could hang with me.
“Now, he has worked his a** off and got himself in great shape, since then my health has a little bit deteriorated, so now I see that as a real possibility.”

Danielson and McGuinness share a storied history with one another through the late 2000s, competing many times in ROH, NOAH and several indy events across the world.
Danielson then discussed those bouts between 2006 and 2009, and what another match between the two at Wembley would mean:
“He and I had some incredible matches that comparatively few people saw.”
“Like when you’re talking about like the matches we had in 2006 through kind of 2009, the Internet wasn’t what it is today.
“Our generation has such a nostalgia for Wembley and especially U.K. wrestlers, especially Nigel, has talked about the SummerSlam in 1992, and as an American, I never even thought I’d see Britain, so I’ve just marveled at this thing.”

Despite still competing week in and week out at present, it has been stated by Danielson and AEW President Tony Khan that 2024 will be his final year of full-time competition.
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