Real life 'Iron Claw' family debut at Pay-Per-View

Final Battle
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The real Von Erich family set to be portrayed in the upcoming film, ‘the Iron Claw’, made their in-ring debut on pay-per-view.

While Zac Efron may be playing Kevin Von Erich in the upcoming feature film, ‘Iron Claw’, the actual Kevin Von Erich has made a rare wrestling appearance tonight in Texas.
With the film set to tell the real-life story of the Von Erich family on the big screen, a pair of Von Erichs have made their Ring of Honor debut on the HonorClub small screen.

At tonight’s ROH Final Battle in Garland, Texas there was a match featuring Marshall and Ross Von Erich taking on the Outrunners.
The pair were triumphant in their debut effort, winning the match.

With their entrance graphic reading “the next generation of a legendary pro wrestling family” it was also noted that the appearance was the tag team’s ‘Ring of Honor tag team debut’.
The current Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions Adam Cole and MJF are both currently sidelined due to injury.
MJF also has a part in the ‘Iron Claw’ film, portraying a faux Von Erich, ‘Lance Von Erich’ who was of no actual relation to the family in real life

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