What you might have missed in Thunder Rosa's AEW return entrance

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Surely you were able to spot this Hollywood detail on tonight’s AEW Collision during Thunder Rosa’s big return entrance!

Ahead of her big in-ring return on tonight’s AEW Dynamite, Thunder Rosa rode to the entrance ramp in a red low rider.
However upon closer inspection, eagle eyed fans of Thunder Rosa may have caught a uniquely Texan detail on the car.

Thunder Rosa appeared to make her ring entrance in the low rider featured in the film 1997 film Selena in a scene where Selena’s tour bus breaks down and when attempting to flag down a passerby, they happen to be driving a very unique car.
A low rider featuring her face on the hood!

While unconfirmed to be the exact car from the film, the actual ‘Selena car‘ is known to appear at San Antonio car shows, lending credence to the idea that it was in fact, the actual car or at least a close replica.
You can see Thunder Rosa’s entire entrance below. 

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